Let's explore together the first enjoyable Retail Pricing.

  • Forecast the impact of pricing decision on your P&L
  • Assortments specific pricing strategies
  • Evaluate multiple strategies in parallel
  • Get confidence in your decisioning
  • Past promotion performance
  • Manage whole assortment range (A-Z)
  • Learn how to avoid manual errors 
  • Understand your customers and make informed decisions
  • Steer multiple pricing zones, locations and channels to maximise your profits, margins or overall KPIs.

Who should attend?

  • Supermarkets, Grocers, Pharmacies, Drugtores, DYI, online, offline
  • Pricing / Revenue / Commercial / Sales Managers and Directors

The live one hour long webinar is here for those who build, manage and evaluate the pricing strategies in the retail field. For anyone
, who serves as a pricing or category manager, commercial director or pricing strategist.

Did you find yourself? Do not miss the opportunity to join our webinar and ask your questions.


Meet our retail experts



Milan Havlíček

Retail expert and Sales Director

Radim Dudek

Co-Founder, Product Director


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